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North Country Transit welcomes you to

The Bus... Come ride with us!


Buses stop at designated stops at scheduled times, and may also be flagged down, as long as it is safe to stop. Drivers may also deviate a short distance from the route to allow access for people unable to make it to a stop, with prior notification.


EASY TO USE: Just go to one of the designated bus stops, pay your fare and ride.

If you canít get to the stop call (603) 752-1741 / toll-free (888) 997-2020 / TTY 711


For cancellations or schedule changes due to weather, listen to your local radio station

or call (603) 752-1741 / toll-free (888) 997-2020 / TTY 711.

The Tri-Town

Lancaster - Whitefield - Littleton

more information

The Trolley

Berlin - Gorham

more information



Have fare, ticket or pass ready.

Please reserve front seats for the elderly.

Infants must be in car seats.

Wheelchairs must be secured.

Smoking, eating and drinking prohibited.

Packages are limited to what can be carried by rider.

Pets or other animals are prohibited, except service animals.


Failure to abide by these rules or behaving in a disruptive manner on any NCT vehicle

may result in your being asked to leave the vehicle, or not being permitted on board.


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