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Tri-County CAP's Support Center at Burch House is a non-profit, volunteer-supported organization

committed to providing services and support to survivors of Domestic Violence and Sexual Assault

in 17 towns around the Littleton, NH, area. Free and confidential services are available to all

regardless of age, race, gender, religion, sexual orientation, physical ability or income.

The Support Center at Burch House provides

Services include:

  • 24 Hour Toll-Free Support and Information Hotline: 1-800-774-0544

  • Emergency shelter for women and children who are in need of temporary housing

  • Court Advocacy and Technical Assistance in obtaining protective orders

  • 24 hour accompaniment at the hospital and police station for those seeking medical care and/or police protection and intervention

  • Transportation to hospital, police and court appointments if needed.

  • Providing Violence Prevention Education at no cost to schools, community groups, social agencies, police departments, hospitals and others who wish to learn how to respond to Domestic and Sexual Abuse

  • Support Groups are offered on an ongoing basis for people whose lives have been disrupted by Domestic or Sexual Abuse

  • Information about your options

To learn more about Domestic Violence, Sexual Assault, Stalking, and Local Community Resources, click here.


You need not be in crisis to contact us... Call us in Littleton at (603) 444-0624


The Support Center at Burch House provides free and confidential service to victims and survivors of sexual violence, domestic violence, and stalking, regardless of gender, age, health status (including HIV-positive), physical, mental or emotional ability, sexual orientation, gender identity or expression, socio-economic status, race, religion, national origin, immigration status, or religious or political affiliation.


Grievance Procedure: If you have a complaint concerning the services you have received at the Support Center at Burch House, you have the right to have that complaint addressed by an uninvolved staff member. Complaints should be addressed to the following individuals in the following order: Clientís Advocate, Shelter Manager, Direct Services Coordinator, and finally The Director of The Support Center at Burch House. You will be notified, in writing, of any action taken and the resolution of the matter. If a matter is not resolved to your satisfaction, you have the right to appeal any decisions to our parent agency,

Tri-County CAP. You may reach the CAP office by calling 752-7001 or by writing to 30 Exchange Street, Berlin, NH.

Address your concerns to Joe Costello, CEO, or Peter Higbee, COO.

Get involved!

The Support Center's important services rely on community members... like you.

 To learn more about the volunteering at The Support Center call (603) 444-0624

The Support Center is able to provide a limited amount of legal representation through the generous support of the

NH Bar Foundationís IOLTA grant program.

The NH AmeriCorps Victim Assistance Program

also supports the work of

The Support Center at Burch House.


The New Hampshire Bar Foundation has been a vital resource in helping low-income North Country victims of domestic and sexual violence access legal representation through the Support Center at Burch House. The Foundationís long term investment in the health and welfare of area victims has been an integral part in the result of happy and safe outcomes for many families. On behalf of all the clients we serve, the Support Center extends its deepest appreciation and gratitude to the Bar Foundation for its sincere interest and investment in the residents of Northern Grafton County.

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