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Tri-County CAPís Friendship House is located in the town of Bethlehem on Route 302. Friendship House offers inpatient (28 and 90 days) and outpatient substance abuse treatment. 

The 28-day Residential Treatment Program is intended to provide a chemically dependent individual with the fundamental tools of recovery. We recognize and teach the principles of the 12-steps of Alcoholics Anonymous (AA), believing they are the most effective support mechanism for sustained abstinence and lasting recovery. This highly structured program includes educational classes, group counseling, individual counseling, work and recreational therapy and attendance at in-house and community Alcoholic Anonymous/Narcotics Anonymous meetings. The single aim of treatment during the 28 days is to offer a safe drug free learning environment in which individuals can develop a program for ongoing abstinence. There are 18 beds (12 male / 6 female) in this program.

Admission Criteria to the 28 day Residential Program includes the following:

  • Men and Women, age 18 or older.
  • Primary diagnosis of chemical dependency (determined at the time of screening).
  • Medical clearance for full program participation.
  • Tuberculosis (TB) test done within six months prior to admission.
  • A desire to recover from chemical dependency.
  • Homeless (as defined by federal regulations).

NOTE: Friendship House is not a medical detox or medically oriented treatment program. Therefore, applicants must have been free of and not have used alcohol or other mood/mind altering drugs for a minimum of 72 hours prior to admission. Applicants cannot be admitted if prescribed any psychotropic or mood/mind altering drugs, including those used in detox treatment.

Details of cost for the 28 day Treatment Program are as follows:

  1. Rate Schedule

Initial Intake Screening Fee (required at screening): $ 35.00

Resident's room: $ 56.00

Dietary/Food: $ 21.00

Direct Care Treatment: $ 98.00

Total per diem fee: $ 175.00

Total 28 day stay: $ 4,935.00

  1. Friendship House is funded in part by the NH Bureau of Substance Abuse Services, U.S. Housing and Urban Development, NH Charitable Foundation and the United Way. No individual is denied treatment due to their immediate inability to pay for services. A repayment program, however, must be worked out with the financial manager on an individual basis.

The six month Extended Care / Transitional Housing Program is designed to further assist an individual in early recovery. We believe that by providing a safe setting and an opportunity for an extended period of sobriety, the individual is strengthened in his/her recovery process. Beyond the continued reinforcement of maintaining their recovery program, the resident is given an opportunity to either work/study at Friendship House or to work in the local community. Student trainees are required to pay for room and board. During this extended care program, the resident is evaluated and assisted in addressing other personal needs, such as educational and vocational counseling, individual and family therapy, employment planning, housing needs, etc.

After completion of the 26 week program, residents are able to secure safe housing utilizing funds from a savings account established at the beginning of the program.

Admission criteria to the Extended Care Program include the following:

  1. Homeless (as defined by federal regulations).
  2. Needing extended care to address individual recovery and psychosocial needs.
  3. Willingness to participate in the work/study program at Friendship House or seek employment in the local community.
  4. Continued and demonstrated commitment to ongoing recovery. Physically and emotionally able to work and participate in the treatment program.

No person shall be excluded from participation in this program on the grounds of race, color, national origin, sex, age or handicap.

For more information on Friendship House, call (603) 869-2210.


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